Exceptional Fundraising


Have you noticed other non-profit organizations aren’t working nearly as hard, but attract donations more easily? 

If you want to stop wearing out your most generous donors by asking for gifts over and over again, and start creating the culture of philanthropy your organization deserves, you’re in the right place.

Jennifer presents Exceptional Fundraising: Six Steps to Achieving Your Mission. You will define your vision, strengthen team skills, develop winning strategies, and secure the future of your organization through Exceptional Fundraising.


Session 1

Set the Course to Exceptional Fundraising
Exceptional fundraising begins with exceptional goals.  In this important session, you will learn to bring vision to your mission, identify challenges and set your new and exciting fundraising course.

Session 2

Build a Culture of Philanthropy
This session focuses on how philanthropy is woven into the essence of your organization.  You will discover what is being done well, and answer the question of what could be better, to promote a quintessential culture of philanthropy.

Session 3

Courageous Asks
What are you doing to make sure every donor could be described as your most generous donor? In this session you will devise winning strategies for making courageous asks which will inspire every donor’s most generous gift.

Session 4

Leverage Your Board & Volunteer Partners
This session reveals strategies to expand your reach in valuable ways.  You will learn how to excite and motivate volunteers and help them become fundraising ambassadors.

Session 5

Maximize Efficiency
Within this session you will explore how each team member supports the mission of the organization, promote cross-functional relationships, and maximize the potential each person brings to the table through their unique strengths.

Session 6

Secure The Future
A collective strategy will be revealed and goals will be clarified. You will round out your plan and hit the ground running to make an immediate difference.

This one-of-a-kind program blending interactive strategy workshops and one-on-one coaching provides the tools needed to make important changes and raise more money.

This program includes the following:

  • One 90-minute visioning session* 
  • Six 90-minute training and strategy workshops as outlined above*
  • One-on-one professional coaching for each team member**
  • Exceptional Fundraising Checklist, designed exclusively for you during the program
  • The must-have templates to simplify fundraising 

Are you ready for Exceptional Fundraising

*Visioning, training and strategy sessions may be completed virtually.

** One-on-one coaching sessions are completed virtually between training and strategy sessions.